We awaken the bean.
We can awaken a
healthier planet
together, too.

We awaken the bean through a process called germination, the initial spark that lights up the existing energy that will continue to rise and shine, just as spring awakens nature and everything in it.

We awaken the bean through germination, to its full potential, making the nutrients available and the bean easier for digestion, and easy to enjoy in the everyday diet.

We are wide awake to what the planet’s needs are, the power and healing potential of sustainability.

We are Sprau. We are beanful of life.

Why Sprau®

The cornerstone of sustainable healthy diet

Adopting a wholesome, plant-based diet isn’t just good for your health:
it’s also one of the best things you can do for the environment.

Faba beans are an outstanding species that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, revitalise
the soil, improve biodiversity and help reduce animal-based consumption.
They demonstrate a huge potential to help both agriculture and the food industry
become more sustainable.

On top of being an excellent plant-based protein source, legumes store dietary fiber,
minerals, and vitamins. One of the factors limiting the use in the diet is the digestive

discomfort pulses may cause.

Germination is an ancient and natural process that awakens the bean to its full potential,
making it easier for digestion.

Without germination, the bean is but potential – a micro-universe, in stasis.

We have been experts in germination since 1897.

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The most Northern point for faba bean cultivation – 63°N

We rediscovered an ancient crop, faba bean, that has been present in Finland since the 7th century, and carefully selected the most favorable local subspecies, Vicia Faba var. minor. Our faba beans come from northern Finnish terrain, located at the northernmost point for faba bean cultivation in the world – 63°N. Northern high latitude agriculture is unique due to North Atlantic Drift. Therefore, temperatures during the growing season are typically higher than elsewhere at comparable latitudes. The long summer days give a short but intense growing season.

We reimagined germination for food, enabling our contribution toward a sustainable shift in the food system.

Sprau® Ingredients Portfolio

Sprau® ingredients portfolio offers two variants: germinated split bean and germinated bean flour. Sprau® has been designed based on the philosophy to help you craft healthy, tasty and convenient foods for the growing group of conscious consumers.

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Sprau® Application Portfolio

We designed three cornerstone application platforms: Healthy Start of the Day, Center of the Plate, Healthy Snacks. These platforms address key occasions and aim to create added value for our customers and consumers through collaborative innovation.

Our ingredients are demonstrating versatile application across many plant-based categories: plant-based meat, tempeh, plant-based yogurt, healthy light meals like hummus as well as puffed snacks. It also sets a platform for designing innovative plant-based foods.

We’re meant to bean

Have an idea or just a wish to make an innovative, sustainable food? Sprau® can be your ally! We’re always looking for partners in making food choices healthier, and future brighter.

Let’s co-create

Be Inspired

We’d love to share fresh news with you, and also thoughts, plans and offers right from the source – the bean itself!