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Legumes are one of the most valuable sources for replacing meat and dairy products in the human diet due to their nutritional value and functional versatility. On top of being an excellent source of plant-based protein, legumes store dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Today, increasing evidence is pointing to digestive wellbeing as a cornerstone of good health. For many consumers, all the good nutrition in beans is out of reach because of the digestive discomfort caused by alpha-galactosides, belonging to the group of FODMAPs. Alpha-galactosides are indigestible anti-nutritive compounds that nature intended for plants, not for humans. The germinating bean naturally removes the alpha-galactosides, while leaving other components of dietary fiber to promote your gut health. A sufficient intake of dietary fiber protects you from lifestyle diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Unfortunately, fiber-rich plant parts and fiber-rich plants often end up as feed, whereas we us humans eat the refined starches and proteins.

Sprau® is more than plant protein,
we give you the whole germinated bean!

Sprau® germinated split beans

Sprau® germinated bean flour

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Awaken the industry, humanity and the planet by encouraging a shift towards sustainable and healthy eating habits by making pulses more accessible and easy to enjoy in your everyday diet.