Without germination,
the bean is but potential –
a micro-universe, in stasis.

Since ancient times in Egypt, people used to germinate dried faba beans before cooking them as a way to boost nutrition. And no wonder, since it is a natural process, where germination awakens the metabolic processes within a bean. It mobilizes its nutrient reserve through activation of its own enzymes and makes it easier for digestion.

We nature the bean – slowly, carefully – so that it reaches its full potential, to a beanful of life.

Raw Dry Bean

Steeped Bean

Germinated bean

Learn how faba bean can help to create a more sustainable future.

Download our white paper “Faba bean - a cornerstone of a sustainable diet”.


Learn how germination awakens the nutritional power of faba bean.

Download our white paper “Germination – a natural way to awaken the bean to its full potential”.