Sprau® Application Portfolio

Foresight and innovation is in Sprau’s DNA. We dare to explore and experiment. We are passionate about crafting healthy and sustainable foods together with our customers.

We designed three cornerstone platforms: Healthy Start of the Day, Center of the Plate, Healthy Snacking. These platforms are addressing key occasions and aiming at creating added value for our customers and consumers through collaborative innovation.

Our philosophy in health & nutrition is built
on two key beliefs:

Sprau® has been designed based on this very philosophy, to help you craft healthy, tasty and convenient foods for the growing group of conscious consumers.

Healthy Start of the Day

Today, increasing evidence is pointing to digestive wellbeing as a cornerstone of good health.

The body uses a lot of energy stores for growth and repair throughout the night. Eating a healthy balanced breakfast kick-starts the metabolism for the day and replenishes our energy, as well as nutrients used throughout the night.

Plant-based yogurts designed based on Sprau® germinated bean flour are packed with easy to digest macro and micronutrients. Sprau® germinated bean flour has a strong fit for application in plant-based fermented products specifically, because germination releases carbohydrates/sugars and amino acids favorable for fermentation. It also has demonstrated good emulsification and gelling properties, and is therefore beneficial in the design of fermented spoonable products.

A prototype recipe of plant-based yogurt crafted through fermentation of Sprau® germinated bean flour with a special blend of live active probiotic cultures is available upon request.

Center of the Plate

A shift from animal-based to plant-based ‘’meats’’ is developing at pace. Consumers are looking for a variety of choices – from meat replicas to novelty plant based foods. To fuel a sustainable shift, We find it important to cater for both, flexitarians and vegans.

Flexitarians are searching for plant-based meat that can replace the animal-based meat as the center of the plate. They are not willing to compromise on satiety and sensory experience and hence designing sensorial replicas of meat is important for fueling that shift. We have prototyped plant-based patties based on Sprau® faba bean flour. It is crafted to deliver a healthy balance of macro and micronutrients, making it an optimal ‘’center of the plate’’. A prototype recipe is available upon request.

On the other hand, a new generation is also driving the need for plant-based foods that have been naturally processed, from seed to plate, and are open to explore and acquire different flavors, new to Western culture. Our tempeh is crafted by fermenting organic Sprau® faba split beans with Rhizopus oligosporus. A recipe of tempeh is available upon request.

Healthy Snacking

The busy lifestyle of urban dwellers has driven the need for savory snacks that are not only satiating and tasty, but healthy as well.

Sprau® faba bean has a naturally balanced macronutrient composition: high protein – good source of fibre – low fat, being a favorable foundation for designing small meals and healthy snacks catering for the consumer need of to fill and fuel.

Plant-based hummus, crafted from Sprau® germinated split beans, is a healthy small meal with a rich taste and silky texture that can be consumed as a side dish, an appetizer, or as a dip. A prototype recipe is available upon request.

Snacks from Sprau® germinated bean flour are full of nutrients, crunch and flavor. They are a good source of dietary fiber and are high in protein to fuel one’s cravings for a healthy small snack in-between meals. They come in natural flavor, and in a range of savory and indulgent variants. A prototype recipe is available upon request.